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Harsco is dedicated to the pursuit of enduring excellence. Our innovative spirit is re-engineering the future of heavy industry. Our employees are crafting career paths on a global scale. And we’re creating value in our markets through long-lasting customer partnerships that deliver services, products and resource recovery solutions essential to worldwide progress and infrastructure development.

Our progress is powered by these five principles. We invite you to discover how Harsco is cultivating a rich and dynamic culture that helps build the world.


Innovation is fundamental to growth at Harsco. Our open innovation strategy focuses world-class engineers, researchers and developers on solving our customers’ greatest challenges.

As a result, we’re launching partnerships and products that reimagine the future of heavy industry. We’ve linked steelmakers to technology that transforms waste gas into fuel-grade ethanol and releases reusable petroleum from oily waste. Our Rail division is developing an advanced telematics system, providing critical track maintenance information to railway operators in real-time. And our Industrial division’s research and development is driving the next generation of energy-efficient products. At every opportunity, Harsco’s innovation propels customer progress.

Customer Centricity

We work alongside our customers in steel mills, railroads, major industrial plants and natural gas fields 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We make our customers’ challenges and priorities our own. China’s flagship steel mill turned to us because “Harsco has shown the world the best services in slag processing. They have made great contributions to the environment of Tangshan,” said Mr. Yu, Yong, Chairman and President of Tangshan Iron & Steel.

We are proud to be recognized as world-class safety partners. We earned a Tata Steel Best Vendor Performance Award for achieving “highest quality scaffolding standards” and the Saudi Basic Industries Services’ Safety, Health and Environmental Award for Global Contractors for three years’ performance without an EU-OSHA violation. At every interaction, Harsco’s integrated partnerships raise performance to new heights.

Continuous Improvement

Harsco has embraced a business strategy for continuous improvement that:

  • Reduces lead time in product and service development
  • Improves quality, cost and delivery to our customers
  • Establishes a competitive advantage to enable sales and profitability to grow
  • Builds a culture of involvement and mutual respect

We offer employees Green Belt and select Black Belt certification to drive adoption of these principles across our company. Green Belts identify, analyze and execute strategic projects. Black Belts oversee Green Belt projects and address systematic challenges. This convergence of people, processes and technology guides our continuous improvement journey. At every interaction, Harsco’s pursuit of enduring excellence adds value to all our relationships.

Employee Engagement

With more than 400 locations in 50 countries, highly motivated people can find rewarding work at Harsco. Our global operations offer endless opportunity, with personalized career paths that free you to explore your greatest potential. We’re bridging time zones, languages and business units to meet goals together. We’re building virtual teams and forming networks for peers to collaborate on projects half a world away.

We support the development of life-long learners. Our recently-launched Harsco University is cultivating tomorrow’s leaders. And our divisions lead educational initiatives of their own, such as the Site Manager and Operations Manager Diploma programs in Harsco Metals & Minerals. At every turn, Harsco is partnering with our employees to unlock their worldwide potential.

Value Creation

Harsco’s story continually evolves, but our commitment to financial excellence remains steadfast. We’ve paid dividends every year since 1939, and our contribution to global value continues to grow. We help build the world’s most critical infrastructure. We’ve played a vital role in constructing the world’s tallest buildings, including the Burj Khalifa. Our products are found in energy-efficient office towers, such as the Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park. In Saudi Arabia and Brazil, our rail machines are laying new track, opening vital markets.

Our reach extends to the developing world, where we’re unlocking resources that will benefit the environment for decades to come. In China, we’re gearing up to turn stainless steel waste products into high-intensity fertilizer, restoring acres of arable land. At every turn, Harsco’s value unleashes the potential for a stronger tomorrow.

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